What are the common misconceptions of loft boarding?

Apart from the loft conversion we can see the importance of installed loft boarding as well but don’t you think it’s worth to have at home. Nowadays people have lots of misconceptions with loft boarding that has raised so many issues so don’t need to put yourself in confusion. This blog is all about to reduce misconceptions about loft boarding. Take a look and do let us know was it helpful for you all or not?

Standard loft boarding doesn’t damage property

First thing that we come across, standard loft boarding doesn’t ruin our property and this is untrue because it creates damp issues as well as charge you heavy amount for repairing. You may see increased heat loss which is not good and energy efficiency investment will be wasted so we need to see this aspect as well and this is a reason we can say standard loft boarding doesn’t damage property.

Planning permission needed for loft boarding

Loft boarding doesn’t need any permission and this will be required for only huge projects where lofts conversions are being done for living purposes. Whoever has created this misconception about planning permission for loft boarding is a totally false misconception.

Keep heating low all-day

Well, people who think by installing loft boarding keep heating of the home low all the day and definitely save cost as well but in reality, it doesn’t happen because we are paying for energy and its benefits and if loft insulation will be of high quality then loft boarding doesn’t leave an impact on heating all the day. Heat loss can be decreased through roof insulation so keep this thing out of your mind that it will save money as well.

Storage space doesn’t increase the value of the home

People who think storage space doesn’t increase the value of home actually loft boarding increase the floor space is the home to at least 50%. It gives an extra selling feature to keep the home energy efficient. All you need to do is to invest in quality storage space to get the same what you pay for.

These are the common misconceptions about loft boarding but if you get quality boarding then you won’t face any problem. high-Quality Loft boarding in Essex is available at an affordable price so get the right service from experts for future.

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