A brief guide to Arched design doors

A variety of types and sizes of arched doors can be found in buildings built in different years. You can see that the top has a different circle shape. What determines the type of arched door, and what are their sizes, we will tell in this article.

The dimensions of the entrance arched doors can be different, but always, the height of the opening is not less than 2100 mm, 2300 mm. Higher, the width can be either less than a meter, or much more. The style of the arch, which will exactly repeat the radius, directly depends on the proportions of the opening. If you understand the architecture of buildings, then you can easily determine in what style this or that door is made.

Different eras have made changes in the styles of construction, so there are no identical doorways.

 The classical arch

It has a radius of the correct form suitable for openings with the right proportion. Classical arch UPVC doors in Nottingham are available at affordable price.

 Art Nouveau

Arches in Art Nouveau style are used to make doors in low openings


The style will suit the arched door into a vast and low opening; the top has the shape of an arc.

If you need a non-standard door for an already existing opening, then, depending on the size, a box and canvas with an arched top, made in a suitable style, are made.


How to choose an arched door for an apartment or a private house?


For apartment

Having decided to install an arched door to the apartment, choose models with a possible finish. Good noise insulation does not hurt. The door unit should be equipped with two locks. Arched doorway to the apartment can be installed in the opening of at least 210 cm in height, if you need a correct form, do not avoid the expansion of the opening.

 For a country house

If you want to choose an entrance arched metal door to a private house, then surely you already have an opening of a suitable shape. Usually, sizes and shapes are known at the design stage of residential development. We can easily perform any model of an arched steel door to order. Do not forget the vital point of insulation.

When choosing a finishing material, pay attention to moisture-resistance and durability of materials. For the street side, an oak array is perfect; the inside can be decorated with MDF overlays. The color solution can be any.


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